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Thursday, March 1, 2007
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Mood: Nostalgic
Music: Foreigner - "I don't wanna live without you"

It's been a long, long while since I updated my journal. I'm not sure how it got out of my daily routine. Lately, as you've seen, I've just been posting things I talk about on AIM. I guess when I have people to talk to daily I don't think about jotting anything down.

Things have been so up and down in this life lately and some of it I can't even mention. It's just been one crazy drama after another, I don't see how people can into television dramas when real life slathers you with enough drama that it taints everything you see with a cloud of cynicism. Everything seems damned to ruin when things haunt you in the back of your mind.

Why do I draw cute, sweet, innocent things more often than not? Because I'm that 80's child always, fighting to stay that way despite what life throws at me. The 80's child who says "There's still gonna be a day when the sun comes out. There's still gonna be a day when I can save the animals and the children. There's gonna be a day when I'll truly not have a care in the world." I won't have nightmares and worry myself to sleep every night. Why do I look on the bright side? To give the world the finger.

Now that I don't have to go to work and hit the ground running I can look back and think on things. I think I know now what I want to name my little girl when and if I have a baby girl. I was going to name her Hannah Elizabeth and leave it at that but there's another middle name I'd like to put in there.

Hannah Gail Elizabeth.

I don't know if Gail will ever come online and see her name in my journal. But she's my mother's age and I'm going to miss her. A lot. She worked at the glass shop with us for about a year and moved out of state last week. On those days before she left, we just talked over puttying and glazing the windows we all worked on for St. Ambrose. She related to me her story and I think it's worth remembering. She just felt like family then and I want to name my little girl after her and my own mother. I realised she looked like my grandmother, too. She looked just like Rebecca Elizabeth, the same small build and hands and it just struck a chord with me. Maybe I'm being too sentimental, but then she was no longer a stranger to me.

Thursday, January 11, 2007
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Mood: Weird
Music: None.

[10:32] Ghost Mariner: Did I tell you about the electrician that came to visit the shop yesterday?
[10:32] JRMMLaptop: No!
[10:34] Ghost Mariner: Well, the electrician came in around after lunch while I was near the table by the breaker box cleaning my glass flowers, etching and labeling them. He was wearing those thick cover-alls that all heavy duty workers wear over his regular clothes.
[10:35] Ghost Mariner: The breaker box room is a tiny, closet sized and unlit room that we use to store the paint mixer. So he's looking at the breaker box going "Oh, wow." and he said the boxes near the main one were extremely old. The building is ancient and he's boggling at how old and strange the boxes are.
[10:36] Ghost Mariner: He starts calling people and we're all joking that he was calling for backup.
[10:37] JRMMLaptop: heh, hopefully he wasn't calling to report it to the Dark Cabal of Building Code...
[10:38] Ghost Mariner: No, he didn't. He was trying to figure out what to do. XDD He was probably used to updating stuff from the 80's or 90's to newer stuff. This building was probably early 1900's or late 1800's. The old metal molding is hidden waaay up on the ceiling.
[10:38] JRMMLaptop: geez
[10:38] JRMMLaptop: Poor guy XD
[10:39] Ghost Mariner: And we're all like "Dude, we know it's not your fault."
[10:41] Ghost Mariner: But then it starts getting really hot 'cause Adrian got the furnace and the glory hole going and he goes "Okay, I need to take off a few layers." while it's just me and Adrian standing there. He unzips that thick over coverall and your mom walks up and goes "The electrician is taking his pants off." I go "He's stripping." And your mom pulls out bills from her pocket and goes "Well, I have twenty bucks." I said "I've got three dollars and I know we've got a little hardhat somewhere."
[10:42] Ghost Mariner: Gale and Leigh start cracking up and the electrician goes "You want me to wear my utility belt?"
[10:42] JRMMLaptop: LOL
[10:43] Ghost Mariner: So yeah, we have a pet electrician now. LoL Poor guy's stuck with us until we can get a new set of wiring for a new furnace we're getting next month.
[10:44] JRMMLaptop: Oh well, sounds like he has a sense of humor, he'll fit right in razz
[10:44] Ghost Mariner: We warned him straight off about the heat, next time he shows up maybe he'll take a tshirt to change into.
[10:47] JRMMLaptop: heheh
[10:48] Ghost Mariner: *cuddles*
[10:50] JRMMLaptop: you should put that in your journal XD
[10:50] Ghost Mariner: Frightening an electrician? XD
[10:51] JRMMLaptop: Yes! You haven't written in it for ages
[10:51] JRMMLaptop: hehe

Thursday, October 19, 2006
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Mood: Strangely Romantic
Music: Peter Gabriel -

So I spent most of the morning listening to Peter Gabriel remixes of "Shock the Monkey". I signed up at the site and everything and listened to all of it. So now I've been on a Peter Gabriel kick and have been listening to my only albums and MP3's I've got of his.

I just want to hug Peter Gabriel. How odd does that sound? I've never met the man and I want to hug him like he was someone I've known for years and years. Funny, but I don't get that way about David Bowie. If David Bowie showed up for a hug, I'd go wedge myself under the sofa and be scared out of my mind.

It's sad when potato chips make me all excited. If I had a tail it'd be wagging furiously.

[13:43] JRMMLaptop: I bringing you home a pwesent
[13:43] Ghost Mariner: Oh? Is it crunchy?
[13:43] JRMMLaptop: Maaaaybe
[13:43] Ghost Mariner: Yay!!
[13:43] JRMMLaptop: I gotcha 2 little bags, will that suffice for now? hehe
[13:44] Ghost Mariner: Yesh!!
[13:44] JRMMLaptop:
[13:45] Ghost Mariner: LMAO
[13:46] Ghost Mariner: I love this part...
So when Frito-Lay sells Miss Vickie's in the United States, they aren't just saving on repackaging they're appealing to our hidden snob, our longing to buy bags of greasy chips that are somehow, at the same time, not as crass as the average Ruffle. Our longing to block our arteries with potato chips that speak French.
[13:46] JRMMLaptop: yeah
[13:46] Ghost Mariner: It's classic literature.
[13:47] Ghost Mariner: What's interesting is the Frito Lay site doesn't list it on their main site.
[13:47] JRMMLaptop:
[13:47] Ghost Mariner: Wow, I couldn't find that on the list.
[13:48] JRMMLaptop: Google found it
[13:48] Ghost Mariner: *paws at pictures*
[13:48] Ghost Mariner: See?
[13:48] JRMMLaptop: That's nothing
[13:48] JRMMLaptop: look at THESE
[13:48] JRMMLaptop:
[13:48] Ghost Mariner: ;o;!!
[13:48] Ghost Mariner: This is better than porn.
[13:49] JRMMLaptop: AHA
[13:49] JRMMLaptop:
[13:49] JRMMLaptop: There you go
[13:49] JRMMLaptop: Enjoy yourself smile
[13:49] Ghost Mariner: Holy shit, you've found HEAVEN.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Painted to the pages by Starluck @ 10:25 AM CST [Link]

Mood: Anxious
Music: Genesis - "Land of Confusion"

"Superman, where are you now, when everything's gone wrong somehow...?"

I want to draw. And draw and draw and draw... I wish I could stay home and draw all day but I'm up to my eyeballs in glass painting to do today. Some hundreds of glass snowmen for Von Maur, a local chain of stores here in the Quad Cities. That's essentially what I've been doing for a while now. The winter line for Von Maur and soon the Father Catich window for St. Ambrose.

I went to a calligraphy seminar last Saturday. Why? Because it was a St. Ambrose, where Father Catich was a calligrapher... and a painter... and a glass artist. Calligraphy isn't my forte, but what the hell? It was paid for so I went. A man named Peter Noth taught from 10-4. I suspect he didn't like me much, then again I could be worrying about that too much. Like I'm ever going to be meeting this man again. It's a pain in the ass being left handed when people teach you things involving pens and ink, let me tell you. By the end of the day, I had Sumie ink on my jeans, elbows, hands. LMAO! At least the lady who'll be helping me is better at it than I am, so long as one of us is I think we'll pull through just fine. I'll just stick to my snowmen and winging it. I've had to wing it all my life, maybe I'll just be better at faking like I know what the hell I'm doing as I get older. Makes me wonder how many people are really good at faking it.

I need to write more regularly in this thing. I used to write endlessly in here, I'm not entirely sure why I don't anymore. Maybe because the only person this is important to is me. LoL! I don't expect other people to follow along or be interested in it. That seems a little vain, don't you think? I don't even post in my Live Journal for that very reason, it's not important enough for other people to read it. Not really. All I do is ramble incoherantly. LoL! Though, I'd much rather ramble here than subject some hapless victim on AIM or ICQ to it. Seems cruel and unusual.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006
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Mood: Bittersweet
Music: Randy Newman - Mr. President (Have Pity on the Working Man)

I need to replace these default emotes, they're so cheesy.

It's been a long, long time since I posted anything other than snippets from AIM or rants on my journal. Half of it got eaten when it got moved, I hope those archives can be recovered. I don't know how to do it, John was the one who did it last time so I'll have to get him to help me fix it.

I also need to revamp my main page. I've been thinking on what to do with it, since all I do is host my adopted cyberpets for now. Maybe fix up and update my gallery, though the new PhP Gallery script is really funky. I liked it when it was simpler.

Thursday, September 28, 2006
Painted to the pages by Starluck @ 01:03 PM CST [Link]

Mood: Amused muchly.
Music: Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

[12:50] Ghost Mariner: I told your mom about the time I stuck a cockroach in the microwave to test out the theory... she got all freaked out because I put an animal in the microwave. I said "It's just a cockroach."
[12:50] Ghost Mariner: LoL!
[12:50] Ghost Mariner: I was lying out my ass.
[12:50] Ghost Mariner: I wanted to see if she'd buy my act. Hook, line, and sinker.
[12:50] JRMMLaptop: I was pretty sure you never actually did that razz
[12:51] Ghost Mariner: I even said "It's not like a put a mouse in there."
[12:51] Ghost Mariner: Now she thinks I'm a bug murderer. LMAO
[12:51] JRMMLaptop: oh yes
[12:51] JRMMLaptop: with all the spiders we've rescued
[12:51] Ghost Mariner: She doesn't know about all of them, and the fact that I let three or four spiders live around my sink for months.
[12:52] JRMMLaptop: hehehehe

Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Painted to the pages by Starluck @ 10:59 AM CST [Link]

Mood: Fuck all. Bugger all. And the Like.
Music: Lemon Demon - EBaum's World Dot Com

[10:35] PhantomCarousel: Today's gonna be interesting, I predict.
[10:37] wolfgangtlouey: oh?
[10:37] PhantomCarousel: Well, yesterday they reposessed our car.
[10:37] wolfgangtlouey: ouch
[10:38] PhantomCarousel: Yeah, so today I gotta figure out how to get it back. XD Ain't life being poor fun?
[10:38] wolfgangtlouey: LUCKILY my car was paid off before I moved away from mom's or we'd be in really bad shape.
[10:38] wolfgangtlouey: thats crappy o.x
[10:39] PhantomCarousel: It is, but we'll get by. We've still got utilities and internet, I'll just call them up and see what I need to do to get our car back.
[10:40] wolfgangtlouey: hopefully it wont be giving them your soul
[10:43] PhantomCarousel: Pretty sure it's just red tape and paperwork. XD
[10:43] wolfgangtlouey: >p
[10:43] wolfgangtlouey: hopefully! XD
[10:43] wolfgangtlouey: a;though sometimes that feels worse XD
[10:44] PhantomCarousel: I can deal with paperwork.
[10:44] PhantomCarousel: It's people that I can't stand.
[10:44] wolfgangtlouey: plus itd be hard to get your soul back from bowie
[10:44] PhantomCarousel: Yeah, I imagine he'd be really peeved if I attemped it.
[10:45] wolfgangtlouey: >P
[10:45] PhantomCarousel: "Mister Bowie, sir?" "Yes?" "I need my soul back." "......" ";__;" "... I'm not happy with that sentence, I hope you know."
[10:46] wolfgangtlouey: *can TOTALLY hear him saying that in her head*
[10:46] wolfgangtlouey: *cracks up*
[10:46] PhantomCarousel: LMAO And I'd cryyyyyy....