(now defunct)
The agency with a long name that adopts out small, magical boys that are inquisitive and adorable. ^__^

Baylor is a Rikou variety chibishounen. CHIBISHOUNEN-DEX STATS
Characteristic: Intelligent
Generic Colour Code: Blue
Chibishounen Affinity: Shuyou
Accessory Affinity: Book

The Rikou chibishounen are the most intelligent chibishounens of all. They are quiet and studious, and can seem stern to those who donít know them well. Rikou chibishounen are hopelessly introverted, and are quite shy, usually preferring the company of a book to other chibishounen (the Shuyou a notable exception). They rarely display their emotions and bottle everything up inside. When hurt, they are hurt deeply, and usually keep it to themselves. Because of their intense studying habits, they are usually quite frail and prone to illness. When Rikou chibishounen become attached to another person, they are quietly affectionate and fiercely protective, and would die for the other if circumstances require. The chibishounen type they usually form bonds with are the Shuyou. Such a bond is usually deep and lasting. Without fail, a Rikou chibishounen would prefer a book above all else from the shop. Bookmarks are a good accompaniment. Rikou chibishounen owners possess a quiet, personal chibishounen, with whom, if a bond is formed, a lasting relationship would occur."

Baylor Baylor's Egg

Hector, my Birthday Present
Hector is a present I got for my 21st birthday! ^__^