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I got tired of making a theme over and over and stuffing it full of strange content. You'd think my strangeness would know no bounds, but it does when I have to redesign the place again and again. LoL! So this time around, I'm stuffing it full of brand, spanking new pixel art by yours truly and just providing you links to all the places and things I do and have online.

Websites and computers are advanced enough that if I crammed everything on this one page your machine won't a-splode. It's nothing but GIFs, CSS, a Flash app and text so if your machine DOES a-splode it's because you've got mice in it. D:!! The rest of this is just me blabbering on and on and putting in gobs of text. In this day and age, some people may not have the patience to read anymore so... nyah! to you non-readers!

About Me
Alias(es): Syrcaid / Starluck
Zodiac: Scorpio / Sheep
For those of you who've never met me before... Hello! My name is Erika! I've been making pixel art and cyberpets since I was a teenager. I enjoy making digital art and traditional art. I like to play games on my DS, my computer, and on my consoles. I'm an adult who thinks growing up doesn't mean you have to give up on the things you enjoyed as a kid, especially if you grew up with them. The 70's and 80's kids grew up and we still like to play.

I have a persona, or an online character. In fact, I have several! It's part of online culture for a lot of us and like all communities it has it's extremes. Personas can be anything, that's the beauty of them. It's a character you design for yourself, give a background and history to, and flesh out through stories and online role play. Some people go so far as to believe that they are their persona and there's nothing wrong with that so long as it's not damaging to themselves or other people.

The online world doesn't have to have definite boundaries. There doesn't have to be a wall that separates the digital realm and the real realm. The grey area is growing larger and larger with the latest cell phone and handheld technology. There's no sense in being a technophobe anymore.

My Pokemans!! 8D
Let me show you them! 8D Yes I play Pokemon Pearl and Sapphire. To be honest, the only reason I got Sapphire in the first place was because I wanted my own Ludicolo and I've named him Colada. You can friend me if you want, be sure to let me know your friend code and I'll add you, too!

It's incredible just how attached I've gotten to my little pixelated fighters that live on my DS. I've raised my guys since they were itsy bitsy and I even gave them a nickname. So now they're even more personalised. Even the ones I catch for trade I make sure to give a nickname to, just to give them more personality.

Name: Syrcaid
DS Friend Code: 5069-0675-4754

Link to MEEEE!!
You can link to me using this button or my quilt square!

These graphics are mine, dammit! If you really want to use them just link back to my website. Don't edit, don't chop, don't stick them on an avatar for any of your app's, don't slather them all over your cartoon doll or sprite edits, don't whine when I catch you doing it because I know my rights and I'll skin you alive for thinking you're immune to the law. Stealing is bad form, if you really want to use my pixel art, all you really have to do is ask me.